My name is SJ Tuohy, and I am 23 (yes, I know… you feel old now) years old loving life in Dallas, Texas.

I completed my undergraduate degree from Loyola University Maryland, in Baltimore. I finished with my bachelor’s in communications, with a specialization in journalism and marketing. I earned letters for three years of my four-year basketball career at Loyola. My freshman year, I was part of the first team in Loyola history to win a post-season game, and the second to win more than 20 games. After a coaching change, we were not quite as successful. However, I did get a bucket at historic Allen Field House, which is something you can only dream of as a kid.

After graduating early from Loyola, I decided to further my academic life at SMU. I’m currently working through my master’s degree in the department of liberal studies, while also playing football. Sports, as you may have gathered, are something that have always peaked my interest. And, if my attention span was larger, I probably would have stuck with baseball. My only regret thus far with SMU is waiting four years to be here.

I’ve come to realize that the combination of working hard and being nice to people can take you a long way in life. Further than that, one of the many things my coach Chad Morris has taught me is: to give more, you have to care more. I would challenge – as I do myself – to find what drives you, or what you care about. Maybe it is your work: I enjoyed bartending in college among other odd jobs I’ve worked since high school. Maybe it is a charity or a group: Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or Relay for Life are a few of the great people I have gotten the privilege to work with. I would hope that your faith plays a part in whatever you do, because I firmly believe that the Good Lord put us on the earth not only to serve Him, but to serve others as well.

On that same note, I also believe He put us here not to endure life, but to enjoy it. Rest assured, it is more than likely whatever activity I am currently doing at this very second, I’d probably rather be on the beach, wearing a baseball hat, reading a John Grisham novel, getting ready to throw the football around with my buddies.

Only because my mom asked me to, I’ll hit some random facts. I’ve played piano for 16ish years, and music has always been a big hobby of mine. Despite being my least favorite part of the ACT, reading and writing are always two things that I’ve always loved. I’m on the seafood diet; I see food, and I eat it. Despite not owning an x-box, I have an incredible ability to beat you at the game of your choosing. My first love will always be Topanga from Boy Meets World. I have been blessed with some incredible friends, teammates, and family in my life, and I thank God for them because I would certainly not be where I am today without them.

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Don’t humor my mother’s sass, buy my Dad’s Tacos and C-Bell’s cookies, and keep cheering for Michael on Sunday.

Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion.