Sean Tuohy, Jr. (SJ)

My name is Sean Tuohy Jr,  most just call me SJ, which everyone assumes stands for “Sean Jr” when in actuality at a young age I started calling myself “SJ” to be like Michael Jordan (MJ). But, similar to the ending of the movies “Batman: The Dark Night Rises” or “Inception”, it can be taken any way you want it.  I’ve also been referred to as Leigh Anne’s youngest son, Michael’s brother, that white kid, and people often times confuse me for Ryan Gossling, but you know, that happens.

I could bore you with a normal bio, *cough* Collins!! *cough*… And tell you that yes, I graduated from high-school with a 4.49 GPA, Magna Cum Laude, National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, Only guy on the yearbook staff, sports editor for our school newspaper, an honors actor, captain of the basketball team….. Blah blah…. You know, all that stuff that impresses the date’s parents, but not the date.
(Just to set the record straight my mother made me insert that paragraph above because she thought my bio did not include enough serious academic type things…. Hope you are happy LA.)

I am actually writing this bio for my Mom’s website myself for three fundamental reasons. One: I do not trust anyone else to do it. Two:  My mother keeps worrying me to death about it. Three: I want it to be better than Collins’s and Michael’s.

So where to start? Errrr, I am a 19 year old freshman at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland… Which yes, I am aware is not Ole Miss, but I am about 3 inches too short and 8 shades too white to get an SEC scholarship, and Loyola is awesome. Go hounds. Don’t be surprised if you see me in Oxford down the road though, I can’t stay away forever, I think it is the sundresses.

I am majoring in Journalism Communications, because for some strange reason I like to write. Probably the same strange reason I enjoy playing piano or any of the other odd hobbies and activities I take part in…(plus piano never hurt me on a date). However, dating is not my biggest priority at the moment because I am in semi-serious relationships with Kate Upton, Topanga from “Boy Meets World,” and my X-Box 360.

I am a sports fanatic. Everything from football to Curling.  I lettered in all 3 major sports in high school, and as aforementioned (one of my favorite words) play college basketball at Loyola. I’m thinking about going into coaching when the ball stops bouncing for me. I’ve learned from my summer basketball camp counselor experiences that walking around with a whistle can be fun.

I am the Co-Founder of “NYPN Daily” a daily source of news and original posts for generation Y by generation Y. Keep up by following us on twitter, @NYPNDaily, or you can visit our website,

In short, I’m just an average guy blessed with the opportunity to be a part of and help share a cool story that keeps getting better; I was referring to The Blind Side if you missed that. I’ve learned that if you do whatever you are doing for an audience of One, things work out. Do me a favor, go read John 3:30. Go ahead google if you don’t know it. I can wait….. That’s me, in a nutshell. Even though I don’t really like nuts.

In His Service,
SJ Tuohy

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DaraSean Tuohy, Jr.