Sean Tuohy, Jr. (SJ)

My name is Sean Tuohy Jr,  most just call me SJ, which everyone assumes stands for “Sean Jr” when in actuality at a young age I started calling myself “SJ” to be like Michael Jordan (MJ). But, similar to the ending of the movies “Batman: The Dark Night Rises” or “Inception”, it can be taken any way you want it.

After lettering in all three major sports, I graduated from Briarcrest Christian High School – Wingate as you may know it – back in ’11-’12 with a bunch of nerdy magna cum whoever cares awards things, and opted to be the odd one of my family that didn’t go to Ole Miss, of which I am reminded daily.

Although you may not think of me as such, I have aged; it’s a truly sad thing that many whom have seen the Blind Side are very disappointed with. I am no longer eight years old, I’m 21… and have facial hair.

I’m a junior at Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore. Roll Hounds. I major in journalism/marketing and occasionally continue to win nerdy awards and things of that nature. However, as you can possibly tell by that picture to your left, many a days are spent not in the library, but running up and down the basketball floor.

Some random notes: my first love will always be Topanga from Boy Meets World, my second my X-Box, and I suppose whomever is unfortunate enough to marry me will be my third. I like long books and short thoughts, and make it a point to try and see every movie I can. To paraphrase a Ron Swanson quote, I like sports, breakfast food, and pretty brunettes, I’m a simple man.

I usually write a bi-weekly column for, it you want to check that out, feel free to do so here.!PCWnJ, and also help with marketing for my sister’s cookie store in Memphis, Whimsy Cookie Company.

I play the piano very well, cards awfully, and just feel very blessed to be part of a cool story and given a great opportunity to make the world a slightly better place, somehow. Just doing my best to live out John 3:30 to the best of my abilities, and continually falling short of our Glorious God on that same daily basis.

Hotty Toddy, Go Hounds, Amen.
SJ Tuohy

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