Hey Y’all!

Oh that’s Southern for welcome, how are you, and what’s happening in two small words. Thank you for having an interest in what the Tuohy Family is up to and for taking the time to visit my website! I know better than anyone that everyone’s time is so very valuable; so I am humbled you are visiting LeighAnneTuohy.com!

I hope the site provides you with not only what makes me tick but will allow you to have your finger on my pulse. We have compiled information that will give you an understanding of what I believe, where I am going, what you can do to make a difference and the people and organizations that are currently making a difference and moving the needle. My desire is that you can experience our daily journey and you will partner with us to ensure that everyone is provided with opportunity and love. We realize we can’t be all things to all people. However, it puts a big smile on my face to watch people talk about their passions. Thank goodness we are not all passionate about the same things…If we were then very little would get accomplished. Work hard for your cause but let me do the same. Its a choice! Every choice you make everyday is a reflection of who you are and what you believe. With that being said, thank you for choosing to spend a few minutes with me….when you are done I hope you laughed out loud, maybe even shed a tear or two but most importantly were inspired to get up and go make a difference. Just like us this site is a work in progress.

We would value your insight and opinions. Now please don’t waste your time trying to get me to believe like you or tone down my style or color of my lipstick! I am all bling all day everyday! The bigger my hair the closer to God I feel and yes I work in 4″ heels. If any of that disturbs you, get over it. Most of the time my motto is “in order for you to insult me, I must first value your opinion.”  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and realizing that together we are stronger and can make a difference!