Hey Y’all!

Oh that’s Southern for welcome, how are you, and what’s happening in two small words. Thank you for having an interest in what the Tuohy Family is up to and for taking the time to visit my website! We have been on quite the journey the past 10+ years and we continue to try and be good stewards of the message that we need to love all people, including people that don’t look like us, and families don’t have to match! We continue to speak to audiences large and small, in person and virtual, and to corporations and nonprofits alike encouraging each other to make a difference in our homes, neighborhoods, communities and businesses.

My desire is that by landing here on my website, or visiting our family’s foundation website, www.MakingItHappenFoundation.com, or our socials, you can experience our daily journey and you will partner with us to ensure that everyone is provided with opportunity and love, especially children in the foster care system. Be sure to check out our Forever Family Friday page for children in need of their family and resources to help start the journey!

It puts a big smile on my face to watch people talk about their passions. Every choice we make each day is a reflection of who we are and what we believe. With that being said, thank you for choosing to spend a few minutes with me and I hope you are inspired to get up and go do something different today than you did yesterday!

We value your insight and opinions. Drop me a line on the contact me page! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here and realizing that together we are stronger and can make a difference!