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“Makeover”– that just sounds like a magical word! It holds the promise of transformation, creativity, freshness… a metamorphosis of what once was. However, making something over requires more than a twitch of one’s nose or a wink and a nod! Some makeovers are relatively minor: presto, changeo, donezo!

Unfortunately, most are much more complex and require a great deal of time and effort. You would think for this upcoming metamorphosis you are facing that massive amounts of research and development should be done; that you would get insight and opinions from those who were educated on the subject and well informed with vast amounts of knowledge. You would like to have time to speak to those who have conquered the challenge before you, the ones who have blazed the trail. You would get your camera ready for before and after photos.

Are you scratching your head asking, what in the world is she talking about? I’ll tell you what I am talking about. I’m talking about you morphing into a giver. Sounds easy enough, right?

We’re going to make you over right here on the spot. I know a little bit about being a giver. No, not because I did Extreme Makeover Home Edition either. But because my family has been blessed with the opportunity to be good stewards of a simple story that we feel is nothing short of a miracle. Many of you know our story from a movie that was made called The Blind Side. If you don’t know the story then Google it. I’m not afforded the space here to go into historically what transpired. I just felt this was a perfect time to ask you to look into the mirror and if a giver was not staring right back at you then maybe we can do a little makeover right here, right now. I am a firm believer in no time like the present.

Today is being touted as a day for giving. I’m not sure who the brains behind this was but good for them! Lord knows we have days for everything else you can possibly imagine. Many are just ridiculous so to have one set aside for something that can truly make a difference is nothing short of genius and extremely refreshing. Let’s first consider that this is already a special time of the year. It’s the holiday season. So, again, the timing is perfect. Whether you are spending time with family and friends, roasting chestnuts on an open fire, stringing lights, shopping ’til you drop or some other strange tradition… don’t let this season be just about you. I love Mother Teresa’s quote that you may not be able to feed a hundred people but you can feed one. Know that there is absolutely something you can do to make a difference. We ALL can make a difference!

You may not be able to write a big check with tons of zeros on it, but you can give of yourself. I have found time is one of the most valuable assets I possess. So give of your time — that’s a great beginning. Keep it simple, entry level giving! Give your kids a day at the zoo, give the neighbor a cake or repair something for them, share a talent you have with someone, fix dinner for the teacher, babysit, unload groceries… you get the idea. Giving will allow you not only to endure this stressful season called the holidays, but you might find yourself actually enjoying the time of year and this new person living in your body called a giver. Many people think giving is a daunting task — however, I want you to realize if we all cultivate this new found tradition of giving you can not only better yourself, but you will better your street, your community and if we do it together, our entire country.

So, if you are ever going to respond to “marketing hype” do it today! Buy into this Giving Tuesday everyone is talking about! Let’s make “Giving Tuesday” the Super Bowl of the named days of the week. Let’s force the news to say that not only was a billion dollars spent on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but Giving Tuesday changed the face of the season. It put food in stomachs; it clothed those without; it provided funds for the homeless; it supplied schools with computers; libraries with books; animal shelters with volunteers; hospitals with smiles and equipment and on and on and on! Be generous on this day set aside for giving. Remember, it’s still the thought that counts! So be thoughtful, start a new tradition with this makeover you’ve just gone through! This transformation will hopefully be life changing for many!


Leigh Anne Tuohy

By: Leigh Anne Tuohy

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SOURCE: Huffington Post