Thank You!

Anyone can make a difference, and the fact that so many of you have chosen to turn around is truly touching. My inbox fills up every week with sweet messages and inspiring stories. Here are just a few. Keep them coming! I love reading them!


I heard you speak this morning in Niagara Falls at the Investors Group APEX Conference. Thank you so much for your message. I was raised in a Christian home with the same values that you talked about this morning. My parents are a great example of giving back. (I’m blessed to still have both of them with us.) There was always room in our home for others who needed a meal or a place to sleep.  Bless you, your family and your ministry because it is a ministry. I’m looking forward to reading your books!

Hi Leigh Anne, That was such an amazing talk this morning at the Horizons for Homeless Children’s Womens Breakfast. Thank you so much for the energy and inspiration you brought. I am a volunteer at Horizons for Homeless Children and have been so moved by the children and the organization itself. It really does so much good. I go to my shelter once a week and play with the kids while the mothers get help for their addiction problems. Sometimes I really feel it\’s not making a difference at all, but hearing you speak really makes me realize that together we are making a difference. I felt compelled to write you a personal thank you. You are amazing!

Ms. Tuohy: I heard you speak this morning at the Horizons for Homeless Children Breakfast. AMAZING! You were totally not what I was expecting, but I absolutely loved every word of your talk. Thank you! I am trying to teach my young children some of the lessons you spoke about this morning. One quote you said resonated with me, but now I cannot remember the exact words. It was something like, \”When you have a lot, much is required from you.\” Can you tell me what your words were, because you said it so beautifully? Thanks again for a most inspiring and heartfelt speech.