Operation Bunny Drop

Peter Pan said it best.

“Think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings.”

So many precious ones don’t have the opportunity to have happiness. So with that being said, we put our special fairy wings on and decided to do something with the Easter Bunny and deliver a little happiness…compliments of the Making it Happen Foundation and the Bunny Fairy. We named our mission, Operation Bunny drop! The element of surprise is always key in any project such as this! On these days you must be at your best! You must bring your wings, cape crown, tiara, fairy dust, glitz, glitter and be lovely all during the mission! Red lipstick was not required but appreciated. Its all about creating an atmosphere of believing. There is nothing ordinary going to happen when our fairy wings start fluttering…We pulled up to playgrounds, bus stops, gas stations and even a few front yards to pop out of the car with Easter baskets and even some cold hard cash for those older ones! Occasionally we ran into a few that didn’t believe and guess what…the bunny got his feelings hurt; the fairies flew away and the drops weren’t made. Not believing on this day gets your left beind! Sad but true! Here’s a glimpse of one of our stops…We hope your Easter was filled with love, blessings and enough happiness to share with others! And remember “Believe in the Bunny!”