Leigh Anne Tuohy makes adoption push during National Adoption Month

By WMCActionNews5.com Staff


A Mid-South woman took to social media to help children find forever homes.

Leigh Anne Tuohy, the woman whose adoption story became a book and feature film, ‘The Blind Side,’ is passionate about helping children get into loving homes.

“The young lady that I posted today, on her Christmas wish list it was like, ‘I want a mom and dad,'” Tuohy said.

With emotional stories like that, Tuohy is using her platform to encourage families to consider adoption.

Tuohy is posting an adoptable child’s image on social media every day in November, which is National Adoption Month.

Tuohy is also working to raise money for families who cannot afford adoption fees. She created a t-shirt, that is now up for sale, that reads: “Families don’t have to match.”

“It’s amazing that you can learn to love people that don’t look like you. It doesn’t matter if their hair color is different or the shape of their eyes, skin color is different, families don’t have to match. A family is about what grows in your heart and making that your home,” Tuohy said.