Forever Family Friday – week 3 – Tempe

UPDATE! Tempe has been matched with her forever family! But now she is not. Please continue to pray for Tempe and share her story.

This week we recognized #WorldAdoptionDay.

Globally there are over 140 MILLION children who are in immediate need of a family. 104,236 of those children are RIGHT HERE in the United States of America. 104,236 children who just need ONE person to step up and choose them. Not one of those kids asked to be in this situation. This was not their dream and by no fault of their own are in this situation.

Tempe (short for Temperance!) is one of those children. 

Tempe is a 13-year-old high spirited and bubbly girl from Arizona who loves to be out and about. Can I get an amen to being out and about raised_hands She likes soccer, rollerblading, going to the park and her absolute favorite activity is  horseback riding.

Tempe enjoys spending time riding and caring for each horse in her equine therapy program. One day, Tempe wants to own a ranch and raise horses and other animals. I love an ambitious girl with big dreams and a kind heart. Do you know someone that has a ranch or farm with horses? What a great fit that could be for Tempe.

Please help us find her a #foreverfamily. Let’s make this the best Christmas Tempe has ever had!

**Please know that all children we share can be adopted from any state. Also, we have had many questions about cost. There is little to no cost in adopting from foster care! The first step is getting your home study completed. That is necessary for all children.

Please contact [email protected] and they can answer all your questions!

#ForeverFamilyFriday week three!