Forever Family Friday – week 8 – Brejanee, Lelani, Bernard and Kennard

Have you looked at my Forever Family Friday posts the last 8 weeks and said to yourself, “Why should I get involved?” or “There’s nothing I can really do?” Listen, these kids are valuable and worthy and deserve our undivided attention! We ALL should be involved with foster care because it matters and these kids are part of your community. They are part of our future! They deserve to be seen and known and loved…just like you and me! There is no difference.

Please meet this precious sibling group from California. Four beautiful children with no mom or dad! They need our undivided attention! This group is four times the fun, the smiles and the laughter. These kids want one thing, to be together again, in one home! Brejanee, age 11, is kind and loving and a good helper around the house. She is always proud to show off her tidy room, with clean clothes neatly folded inside the dresser. She also loves school and her friends. Lelani, age 10, is helpful and kind hearted. She is close to her siblings, but more so to Brejanee as they have many of the same things in common such as doing each other’s nails, dressing up and dancing their hearts out. Bernard, age 7, is active with a shining personality. He is a social and engaging young man who likes to keep himself busy playing electronic games. He loves to be active in sports and he has played basketball and baseball. He loves going to school and be with his friends and teachers. Kennard, age 5, is bright and compassionate. He loves coloring and sometimes uses it to relieve his stress. During his down time, he watches cartoons or plays with his tablet. His favorite activity is playing basketball like his big brother.

These 4 kids deserve to be together. They deserve to have a family. They deserve to be loved and enjoy the happiness of not only this Christmas season but many to come. Can you provide that for them? Do you know someone who can? If so, please contact Yesenia Garcia, [email protected] or 213-257-7007. Remember having your home study done is the first step! Photo: Peter Valli.