Forever Family Friday week 11 – Owen

Well…It’s been quite the year and we are only 7 days in to 2021. The events from this week have once again halted us in our tracks and have caused me to drop to my knees and pray for our nation, our leaders and for God’s grace. It seems like every other day we are living through an “unprecedented” historical moment. As I sit here writing this with my granddogs nuzzled by me, Sean in the other room shouting responses to a Jeopardy episode, and Collins in the chair beside me typing a blog post faster than I can think, I’m grateful that they are healthy, safe and loved and I’m saddened that I’m trying to think of what to say about another child this Friday.

My heart aches as I think about the 400,000+ children in the US going through these whiplash of events alone. 400,000+ children who don’t have someone reassuring them that their emotions are validated & how to healthily navigate those feelings, who don’t have someone to tuck them in at night & pray with them for a better tomorrow, who don’t have a model of stability during a world that is so evidently unstable. These chilling reminders are what keep my feet on the pavement and focused on the purpose of these posts every single Friday.

Please join me in this fight for them. They are valuable & worthy and deserve a sense of security, of family, of being loved & cherished. Every single thing right now feels like it is out of our control, but remember you are always in control of your reactions to what is happening. Be kind, check on your neighbors, & help me find a loving place for these children.

Please meet Owen & let’s help him not be one of the 400,000+ children going through this world alone anymore! Owen is an energetic, humorous and lively 13 year old from Arizona. He likes to stay active riding his scooter, bike & skateboard and loves swimming and basketball! When indoors Owen enjoys Legos and “Sorry!” Going to church and Sunday school are important to him and he enjoys worship music. His favorite sports teams are the Steelers, Diamondbacks and Golden State Warriors. Please make 2021 THE year for Owen and contact Heather at [email protected] ❤️