Forever Family Friday week 14 – Saharra and Jayden

Here are a few not so fun facts for you this Friday. There are currently about 424,000 foster kids nationwide. That’s roughly 1 out of every 184 kids in foster care! That statistic should alarm all of us. AND 20,000 or more of those kids will age out of foster care this year. Of those, 50% will have no source of income and the other 50% will make around $7500 per year. That’s ridiculous and is NOT ok!

However, I am so encouraged by the questions and comments you have been asking! PLEASE keep them coming. I do not pretend to have all the answers because I certainly do not. Please don’t tell Seanie that. However, we can recommend some great resources that hopefully can point you in the right direction. Please visit my website (link in bio) and find sources on the Forever Family Friday page. There is a wealth of info that can help! If you still can’t find what you’re looking for DM me. DM our foundation. Email us. We want you to have the info you need to get the ball rolling!

Foster parents are in even greater demand than normal due to the pandemic. The numbers of kids entering the system are at all time highs. If you have even the smallest thought about adoption or foster care, I say PLEASE GO FOR IT! You will be far more rewarded than the effort you put out. And the effort is SO WORTH IT! The children are SO WORTH IT! You can be a difference maker!

Please let me introduce to you Saharra and Jayden from Oklahoma. THEY are SO WORTH IT! They are 13 and 14 years old and often called the terrific twosome. Saharra is a cheerleader and Jayden plays football and basketball. Both are best at math in school. However there are differences, Saharra likes to longboard and listen to music, Country and Hip Hop. Jayden likes to play video games and watch sports on TV. He prefers Rap and his favorite movie is “Avengers Endgame.” Saharra’s favorite movie is “High School Musical” and her favorite quote is “follow your dreams, they know the way”. Keep dreaming sweet girl! She wants to be a cosmetologist and travel. They are double the blessing to any family. Please contact Becky Hahn [email protected] (405)650-8947.