Forever Family Friday week 17 – Gabriela

What a crazy weather week so many folks in this country have had! Many places have seen unprecedented low temperatures and record snow fall! Lordie I’m so tired of using that word. I thought we put “unprecedented” to bed in 2020 but I guess not. Hey…I’m sure the kids are elated to have snow days but for parents it can be challenging. For many kids when they come inside hot chocolate is waiting. A warm home. And dry clothes. However. What if you are a child in the foster care system? Many foster families do a great job of filling in the gaps, but not all. Many foster children are not sure what they will walk into when they get home. They cannot be assured of the hot chocolate, a warm home or dry clothes. We would love to give every child that experience. Every child we post is literally just a family away from being a success story. They just need someone to champion for them. Gabriela lives in Maryland, and I’m sure she’s endured snow days and all that goes with it. My wish is to give her that assurance. The love and warmth that comes from a forever family. Let’s find someone to champion for Gabriela!

Gabriela is 13, curious, funny, imaginative, and caring. She enjoys being social with others and can be extremely friendly and outgoing. She loves to travel. Gabriela also loves trying new types of food, getting her nails painted, creating stories, and anything involving hair and dolls. Gabriela needs a forever family who demonstrates awareness, is patient, and excited to celebrate her! For more info contact Margo at [email protected] 301.503.6741.

Let’s give her the opportunity for warmth on snow days and all the days of the year. Reminder if you’re looking for info on how to get started, check out the resources on the Forever Family Friday tab on my website!