Forever Family Friday week 20 – Gavan

Let’s talk about the process. This is week 20 of #ForeverFamilyFriday and each week we share statistics, info and stories. We share resources and websites. But what do you actually do with that info? It is my hope that you dig in. That you want to learn more. That you call, email, click. That you share and repost. That you tag people who may be a suitable family. That you talk about these children at the dinner table. Perhaps even with your own children.

When inquiring about a child, they will want to know if your home study is completed, and if you are currently licensed to foster/adopt in the state where you live. Each state is different so we cannot give you a simple one step answer, unfortunately. Your local agencies will be the best place to start. Click the link in my bio for a starting point and more resources at

Please meet Gavan! He is 15 years old and from Mississippi. This sports-loving young man is looking for a forever family. Children should NOT be looking for their family. Their family should be looking for THEM! This breaks my heart! Gavan describes himself as active and nice. He says he does well in math and enjoys playing games and playing sports. One day he would like to be a professional football player. He would like a family who treats him well and has children around his age. He thinks life with a family would help him deal more positively with life’s challenges. Don’t we all need people closest to us to deal with life’s challenges? This past year has taught me that for sure! Please contact [email protected] or call 601-359-4133. Photography: Charlie Lum Photography