Forever Family Friday week 24 – King

Happy Friday! I’m just curious, inquiring minds want to know…Did anyone wake up this morning and think “It’s Friday, I need to see what I can do to help the child Leigh Anne posted today?” I’m thinking no one did, not even the people in my own family. And that’s ok. I get it. We are all slammed BUT, that’s the life of a foster child. They are not anyone’s priority and are typically an after-thought, an item to be checked off a list. Many of you land here on my social media for a variety of things. Some for inspiration & encouragement. Some for interior design nuggets or our Disney adventures & travel. And a few hang out for life with Megaphone Man. I love all of that and your comments about my family and the crazy life we lead. However, what tears at my heart is the decrease in comments and likes on #ForeverFamilyFriday posts. These children should get the most attention! They should be a priority! There are some beautiful souls like @rob_scheer that are faithful about sharing and I thank you so very much! Thank you ALL for journeying along with me but I am pleading with you to take just literally two minutes every Friday to read about the kid that needs a family. I’m asking that you rally around, that you hang with me, that you like, share and comment on the 52 Fridays we share children in need of their forever family. Let’s start today! Let’s start with King! Let’s give him a reason to keep smiling and keep believing!

King is 9 years old from California. He is a charming and outgoing boy who’s always up for a new adventure or activity! Whether he is indoors or outside, King loves being busy and at the center of attention. King enjoys playing kickball, riding his bike, playing on his tablet, and using his hands to build things with Play-Dough or Legos. King is meeting his educational milestones in the classroom and is described as bright, inquisitive and open to learning new things. He loves recess and playing with his friends.

If staying active and having good times are among the things that are important with your family, King may be the perfect fit! Contact Yesenia at [email protected] 213-257-7007 📷 Philicia Edelman