Forever Family Friday week 29 – Phillip

‘Tis the season of graduations, a time for endings and new beginnings. My nephew @wadecroberts graduates this weekend. Although only 3 letters… the word “and” is immensely important to the bookends it shoulders. Every moment that happens in between is wrapped in that simple, used every day, word…AND!

In coordinating #ForeverFamilyFriday our team reaches out to numerous organizations all over the country. The week prior to posting the child, we check-in with the group to make sure the child is still available for adoption within the foster care system. When we inquired with @georgiakidsbelong regarding Phillip, their team quickly replied stating, “Yes, he is and we’re so hopeful that one [a family] can be found for him before he ages out”. The word “and” preceding the moment he has been waiting for his whole life, to have a family. A simple wish that the people who work closely with the foster care system sadly know goes unanswered far too often.

Phillip is 14 and enjoys spending time with his friends and playing basketball, football and video games, especially ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Roblox’. At school, Phillip strives for excellence academically and enjoys socializing with faculty and peers. He especially loves participating in P.E. Phillip needs a loving adoptive family who will give him the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment he needs to continue to thrive. His family will also need to support his desire to maintain his relationships with his brothers, who have been planned for separately, as well as with his foster parent.

I implore you to keep Phillip in your mind and heart while you are attending graduation parties and commencement ceremonies these next few weeks. Do you, or someone you know, have room in your/their family, to be his “and”… to be all the moments in between? Pray on it, and if the Lord leads you to find out more about Phillip please email Rebecca at [email protected].

Please click HERE to learn more about Phillip!