Forever Family Friday week 31 – Amiliyona

Are you ready for this stat…There are more children in foster care than the amount of people that live in the entire city of Tampa. Or Cleveland. Or Orlando. What?!! That’s hard for me to process. When theses kids are spread out all over the US the number may not seem as great, but when I envision an entire city with all the communities and neighborhoods, schools and gyms, sports arenas and shopping centers and picture it all filled with children without a mom or dad, that gives me chills. If you are reading this right now…thank you. My prayer is that you will continue to stick with us as we journey through #ForeverFamilyFriday. I pray each week that we will decrease this number by one but we need your help. You know the drill. Please share, pray, post, discuss and like the child each Friday. It will take ALL of us to solve this problem!

Amiliyona is 15 years old and lives in Florida. She is full of happy energy and is fun to be around with her extremely outgoing personality. As you look at her pictures wouldn’t you agree she exudes sunshine?! She could dance, sing and do gymnastics all day long. Amiliyona loves working with animals and talks about being a veterinarian when she grows up. She dreams of traveling to the Bahamas to see and pet dolphins, however she would be happy going to Sea World too!

Despite the difficult times Amiliyona has experienced, she has an optimistic attitude and is hopeful she will find a family who will show her the unconditional love she desires. And deserves! Join us in sharing Amiliyona and help find her forever family! Have a wonderful Memorial Day and enjoy your friends and family. You are blessed to have them. For more information on Amiliyona please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa 813-314-2021.
Jessica Bellinger Photography