Forever Family Friday week 33 – Roneisha and Ariana

Have you ever considered foster care or even Looked into it? If you have the heart for foster care or have any interest at all in it please don’t let fear stand in the way. The fact that you’re still here reading my #ForeverFamilyFriday posts tells me you have a heart to make a difference and I’m so grateful for that and for you! Many of you may be nervous about embarking on the foster care journey because there are so many unknowns. Listen…if you have biological kids that journey has many unknowns as well! Shoot Collins our first born did not come with an instruction manual and we definitely could have used one! Foster parents have many resources available to them. There are support groups and training classes and amazing people that are qualified to help if needed! People say there are hoops to jump through and lots of red tape when fostering but I had to do all of that with biological kids as well. Heck the forms at the doctors visits and the school forms are endless. Without a forever family one in five of these kids in foster care will become homeless after the age of 18! Please help us prevent these beautiful sisters from becoming homeless. They are certainly worth the effort and the hoops and the red tape, and a Forever Family!

Please meet Roneisha and Ariana from South Carolina. They are 15 and 16. Such a special age in the lives of girls. I am so happy they have each other, but how wonderful could it be if they had parents too. A forever family. They both have creative styling skills and are interested in becoming cosmetologists. However, Roneisha is also considering a career in pediatrics. She says she likes to explore new things and enjoys math. Ariana describes herself as helpful, smart and nice. She enjoys walking and spending time outdoors. Ariana’s favorite subject is science and her favorite singer is Beyoncé. The siblings hope to find a loving forever home. Can that home be yours? For more information please contact the South Carolina Heart Gallery at 803-734-2595 or [email protected]. Photographer Liz Odom