Forever Family Friday week 35 – Jhael

Hey everyone! Listen before I jump into my post today I just want to make sure I say thank you to you guys. Thank you for asking great questions. Thank you for all the inquires on our kids the past couple of weeks. Thank you for caring and thank you for journeying along with me each Friday. Please know that if we keep making the effort that so many good things are going to happen. We are seeing results and we are inspired and encouraged by so many of you. And you know what… I really think summer is such a great time to start or check out foster care…whether it’s parenting or to volunteer. When a child goes to a new home, he/she has to adjust to a new family and so much more. And usually that means a new school too. If school is out for summer that eliminates a major adjustment and the focus can be more about family and making connections. This time of year is a little more relaxed and we tend to do more family things from vacations to back yard activities to playing games together. Summer is the perfect time to make many sweet memories with foster kids and really break down barriers. So what a perfect time for you to consider getting involved and being a difference maker!

PLEASE DM me, email tracy@leighannetuohy or contact Rebecca at the email below for help or questions. We hopefully can point you in the right direction. The first step is to get your home study done locally. Check out the resources page on my website for even more info. Remember…Summertime is an IDEAL time to add to your family!

Please meet Jhael who would love to be adopted this summer! He is 10 and lives in Georgia. He is fun, loving and sometimes quiet. He enjoys riding his bike and scooter, and playing soccer. He is good at football too and says he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up. Jhael enjoys school and learning new things, especially about math! He would love to be a part of an outgoing and adventurous family who is nice, kind and generous. He describes himself as nice, gentle, kind and giving. For more information on Jhael please email Rebecca at [email protected].

Please click here for Jhael’s video ❤️