Forever Family Friday week 37 – Latori

Happy Forever Family Friday Everyone. Hope you all had a good Fourth. Let’s roll up our sleeves and put our thinking caps on and really see if we can make a difference in the life of this 16 year old. She needs us. We need you. Did you know that the foster care system contributes less than 50% of what it costs for the average American family to raise a child from 0 – 17 years of age. So, as a result, kids in the foster system are not prepared, 25% will not complete high school, 70% will be on government assistance within 4 years of aging out. I could go on and on. Bottom line is this is a huge loss of potential as the next great teacher, firefighter, doctor, or lawmaker might be left behind since they have little resources to get them there. They need us! Our economy suffers with loss of great people doing what they were called to do, as well as the cost of the social services. We need to stop the madness. We need kids in forever families. This is not about statistics… it’s about people. 

Let’s help Latori with resources, with investment, with a forever family! She is 16 and lives in Alabama. Latori is described as shy at first but becomes very talkative once she is comfortable. Latori loves animals, sports and being outside. She’s a nature girl and can clear her head when she is outdoors. I agree – walking and being outside is so good for our mind! Some of her favorite sports are volleyball and soccer. She says she enjoys mud riding, hunting, decorating and likes to get dressed up to go somewhere. I love it!  Me too!

For more information on Latori please contact Catherine Teal  [email protected].  Photo by Heart Galley Alabama