Forever Family Friday week 38 – Evan

Here is a not so fun fact for a Friday. Did you know that the number of children in the foster care system is higher than the number of foster parents? Every single kid in the foster care system did absolutely nothing to get there. It is no fault of theirs and their shoulders were not built to bear the weight of their parent’s choices. However, day in and day out they face consequences due to someone else’s bad decisions. If you feel you have more to give as a parent, if you want to make a positive impact in someone else’s life, if you are someone who has room in your heart and your home to drastically improve the quality of a child’s life… you are what I would call a person that would make an amazing foster parent! These kids need positive, inspiring and uplifting people surrounding them. People who will help them to understand it’s not their fault and that they are worthy and valuable. Is this you? If you think it could be PLEASE call the number on this post. PLEASE go to the resources section on my website. We want you! We need you! The kids need you. Please meet Evan. He needs you!

Evan is 15 years old and lives in Georgia. He is respectful and sweet with a smile that will light up a room. During his photo shoot he worked really hard to keep his button-down wrinkle-free and clean, despite making pizza and painting. Blessie. I love that. He enjoys spending time with others, swimming, playing basketball, listening to music, and playing and watching football. At school his favorite subject is science. Evan enjoys spending time with his friends. He needs a loving adoptive family who will give him the acceptance, attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment he needs to continue to thrive. Are YOU the perfect family for Evan?

Please contact Rebecca at [email protected] for more info. To see Evan’s video click here