Forever Family Friday week 39 – Mistee

Today are the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. Go team USA! If you hear someone screaming for team USA…that probably will be me. I love watching the athletes compete. I know they have put a tremendous amount of time in the gym. The effort and dedication these athletes put into each of these sports is crazy. To make an Olympic team is an amazing accomplishment. Yes…these athletes work extremely hard, but we also know that there’s a group of people behind every athlete that have helped them achieve their dreams. There are parents, grandparents, siblings, other relatives and friends, and coaches, trainers, and teachers, and physicians, nutritionists, and on and on and on. These folks are cheering them on, driving them to practices, spending their weekends at competitions, preparing meals, helping them study etc. These folks are constantly building them up and encouraging them. BUT…. here comes the but…for the child in foster care, the opportunities are slim. Their support folks are typically focused on the basics…food, clothing and shelter. Then hopefully education is on the list as a priority. But to add on to that list with extracurricular activities like sports or ballet or music lessons is often unthinkable. I often ask myself who gets left behind? What great athlete, doctor, teacher? They just needed a chance. They need a forever family who can help them find their talents and passions. It is up to us to reach out a hand and help! It’s up to us to open our hearts and our homes. These kids are our responsibility. Can you us find a forever family for Mistee? 

Mistee is 14 and from Idaho. She is energetic, spunky, outgoing, and creative. She appreciates the finer arts of dancing, singing and acting. Though Mistee isn’t currently on a dance team, she would really like to join one. She is very proud to be a part of her school’s drama club and debate team. If Mistee could travel anywhere in the world she would go to Paris and Hollywood. Mistee shared that she really appreciates her current foster mom teaching her how to become a young lady and helping her calm down when things can upset her. She’s a resilient girl yet wants a family that will be understanding of her trauma and extend patience to her every day, and preferably a family that enjoys cake just as much as she does. Do you have a current home study and think that you could provide her with the Forever Home she deserves? For more info please contact Melissa at [email protected]