Forever Family Friday week 42 – Jasmine

A new backpack. Freshly sharpened pencils. New crayons. New school shoes. Each year it was a huge deal to go back to school shopping in our home. The kids would bring home their supply list after the first day and away we would go. We carefully picked the right colors and correct binders and found fun gadgets to use in their lockers (you know I had to decorate the lockers 😉). It was so exciting. As a sidebar guys…I also used this time to talk to the kids about being a friend to the lonely and being kind to all. Teaching your kids to encourage others and stand up for those being bullied is so important. But for children in foster care they don’t get these back to school experiences or parents that are guiding them to be difference makers -it’s just another day. Hey! Here is a statistic that is alarming…the average child in foster care changes homes 3 times, and with each move, they lose up to 6 months of progress academically! That is 18 months! That’s just nuts. They did not ask for these moves! Many of you say you can’t adopt but would love to help. Here’s an opportunity. If your community, school or church is having a school supply drive, please give and give generously! And if you can’t find one, we can! Our Foundation can take your contribution and ensure it goes to school supplies for foster children (link in bio). We want not only the kids we post but ALL kids to have the same opportunities. Education is a game changer. We need to ensure that these kids are adequately equipped to start school. Please meet Jasmine. Let’s help her find her family. One that will love her, support her, and help her start her school year off on the right foot!

Jasmine is a strong-willed and loving young lady! She is artistic and creative, recently joining her school’s ukulele club. She is a fan of reading and likes playing outside or taking her roller skates out for a spin. Jasmine also likes watching the TV show “Master Chef” and recreating the recipes. Jasmine would like her own room so that she has somewhere quiet to go if she gets overstimulated. And Jasmine loves animals! For more info: [email protected]