Forever Family Friday week 44 – Akiemah

Happy Friday everyone. Goodness…We have talked about the staggering number of 425,000+ children in the foster care world for weeks and weeks now. Here’s an even more staggering but not surprising nugget of information, this past year there has been a 30% decrease in children serviced because of the pandemic. 30%! When things opened back up, there was an over 450 percent increase! Agencies are working very hard to keep up. It’s been a difficult task to add to an already difficult situation. With school back in session most places, the counselors and support people are working overtime. It saddens me to think what all these children have been through, and those then there’s an entire group that no one has even had eyeballs on in months. The only remedy that makes sense is for every child to have a forever family. For every child to be adopted. That’s the goal. Let’s keep on keeping on! Let’s not allow Akiemah to be part of any further statistics! Never underestimate that your love can change someone’s life!

Akiemah is from Indiana and is 11 years old. She has a big smile that lights up a room, Akiemah is a great kid with a funny sense of humor. She likes to stay active, preferring to ride her bike, rollerblade or play basketball and likes football as well. The more active she can be, the better! Music is very important to Akiemah – if she could, she’d have the radio on all day…and probably be singing along! When she grows up saving animals or being a police officer are on her list!

As with most children, consistency will be important when it comes to new routines. Parents will have to be persistent about building up a level of trust with Akiemah, in a family that is calm, understanding, and creates structure where she can thrive. “Belonging” to Akiemah is defined as being comfortable. Can you help Akiemah feel comfortable and have a sense of belonging? For more information please contact Denise Donaldson, Adoption Consultant [email protected]