Forever Family Friday week 46 – Jaiden

Hey Guys! Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday! I’m not going to tell you a bunch of grim statistics about the foster care system or kids in foster care today because you can scroll back through my Instagram and read a bunch of heart breaking information. You know this drill if you have been following me. But I am going to tell you about another great kid that needs you to help him find his forever family. If every person that reads this would stop and tell one person about this kid I bet we could make a difference in Jaiden’s life.

Jaiden is 12 years old and from Arizona. He is an energetic and charming boy who loves soccer and playing with Legos. He also likes Minecraft, superheroes and the movie “How To Train Your Dragon.” He enjoys many different types of foods including donuts, bean burritos, lasagna, and spaghetti. In school, Jaiden continues to progress and really enjoys reading. This is fantastic! He states that dogs are his favorite animal and he loves puppies of all kinds. If Jaiden could go anywhere in the world, he would want to visit Legoland. Jaiden will require a lot of patience, love and attention to thrive.

Can you be the parent to propel his love for reading further? Can you be Jaiden’s forever family? Please share Jaiden with someone. Please pray for Jaiden. Please repost Jaiden. Please contact Heather Pava at [email protected] for more information on Jaiden. Thank You so much guys! ❤️