Forever Family Friday week 47 – Kai

There are two types of people that look at my posts each Friday. There are those that think ‘this is not my child’…or ‘that child is not from my town’ …or ‘this is not my problem.’ Then there are those who see a child with a need and they respond. Those folks are called game changers. These kids are our responsibility. We are charged to provide and care for them. I pray you will join us in helping to make a difference in the lives of these kids. Just sharing these kids each week on your social media is a game changer. We are starting to see results of months of work. Please help us continue to find forever families for these deserving kids. 

Kai is 11 years old and lives in Mississippi. She is a sweet and sensitive girl who gets along well with others. She describes herself as fun and friendly. Kai does well in school and likes sports, especially basketball. She wants to be a professional basketball player when she grows up. She says she would like a nice family with a mom and a dad. That statement breaks my heart. A mom and a dad…seems pretty simple. Kai would like to be adopted with her older sister, Emerald. Life with a forever family would be a good life according to Kai. She will do well in a home with abundant love and reassurance. Can you help? For more information please contact [email protected]. Or message us! Or email us! Thank you for your continued support in following along every Friday!

Photography by: Greg Campbell Photography