Forever Family Friday week 48 – Emerald

WOW! Thank You! The support you guys showed for Kai was amazing. There have been so many requests, emails and calls for more information on her! It just warms my soul and it should yours as well because you are a part of this team! Listen guys…let’s keep the interest going this week with her sister Emerald! Yes you heard me correctly. Her sister. It’s a long story but trust me when I tell you we need you to help us. Thank you in advance. Each week we get many questions, so let me make sure you know…..Every child we share on #ForeverFamilyFriday can be adopted outside of their home state. Your first step will be to get your home study completed. Additionally, it costs little to no money to adopt from the foster care system. These are children whose biological parents signed documents saying they terminated their rights.💔These children do not have a mom, a dad or ANYONE. At all. It just breaks my heart. Please continue to share, talk about, post and pray for these children. We are moving the needle and coming soon, we will have more ways for you to participate! If you need more information on how the process works, check out resources (link in bio)

Please meet Emerald. She is 13 and like her sister you met last week, lives in Mississippi. Emerald is a sweet and strong-willed girl. She describes herself as funny and caring. She hasn’t thought too much about what she wants to be when she grows up, but for now she enjoys drawing and coloring. One day, she would like to travel to California. Emerald would like an understanding family with a mom and a dad who will adopt her and her little sister, Kai. She adds it would be great if they had a little dog or even a puppy. She needs reassurance that a family is forever. The opportunity to grow your family and give hope and love to two sweet girls is just a phone call/email away. Again, thank you! For more information please contact [email protected]. Photography by: Greg Campbell Photography

Photography by: Greg Campbell Photography