Forever Family Friday week 50 – Daizy

I am encouraged by the “matching” of so many children with their potential forever families! We continue to move the needle and we need you all to continue to share, talk about, repost, each child we share on #ForeverFamilyFridays. Each week it seems we learn of another child that has been matched! And each week we get a phone call, text, email or DM from some of YOU saying you are interested.  These children need families and YOU are showing up! Please please please continue!

Daizy is 14 years old and lives in Georgia. She is thoughtful, kind, creative, adventurous, brave and eclectic. She enjoys reading, drawing playing football, riding bikes and listening to rap, rock and pop music. She said one day she hopes to be an OBGYN…or a rapper! She would like to sing with others and participate in gymnastics. Math is Daizy’s favorite subject and she earns good grades in school!

When asked if she could have 3 wishes she would wish for a family again, a dog, and be able to go hunting. Daizy said she always wanted to  be a part of a family “to have someone to care for me and make me feel warm.” She would love on family night to go camping, hang out or have a movie night!

Daizy needs a loving and patient adoptive family who will give her the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment she needs to continue to thrive and reach her goals. For more information please contact Rebecca at [email protected]. To see Daizy’s video click here ❤️