Forever Family Friday week 51 – Marcellous and Shaidale

How about this heartbreaking statistic: Every two minutes a child is removed from their home and placed into foster care. Every. Two. Minutes. Read that one more time. It’s CRAZY! I’m not a math whiz, but I do know there are 1440 minutes in a 24 hour time period so that would make 720 children A DAY that enters foster care. 720! It’s not only heartbreaking…it’s sad…it’s scary…it’s simply hard to even process. Knowing that huge number makes me stop in my tracks and shout from the rooftops the urgency of additional foster parents. We need more people to step up, and more people to support those that do! We all have a role to play and I’m thankful you’re still journeying with us! We need you. Listen to your heart. Adoption is truly another word for love. 

Please meet Marcellous and Shaidale. Marcellous is 14 and Shaidale is 13 and these brothers need their forever family! They need love. They need you. They are well behaved and helpful and enjoy spending time with others, going to the park and learning about math at school. Marcellous is loveable, respectful and sociable. He enjoys electronics, bowling, Monopoly and video games. He also enjoys playing football and basketball, listening to rap music, having a barbecue and watching football, especially the Falcons! He looks forward to going to college and possibly becoming a policeman when he grows up. Shaidale loves to ride his bike, play soccer and participate in activities, especially those where he can be the leader. He also enjoys snacks and sweets, playing video games and listening to any kind of music.

These sweet boys from Georgia need a loving adoptive family who will give them the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment they need to continue to thrive and reach their goals. They have siblings who have been planned for separately so their family will need to support their desire to maintain their relationship with them. Can you be that family for Marcellous and Shaidale? Please help us share these boys this week. For more information please contact [email protected].

To see Marcellous and Shaidale’s video click here !