Forever Family Friday week 54 – Ashunte

UPDATE! Ashunte has been matched and finalized with her Forever Family!

Happy Friday everyone! Hey…Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? It is a month to not only celebrate families that have been created through adoption but to also educate and bring awareness to the thousands and thousands of children waiting to be adopted. For the last five years in the month of November we have shared kids who needed their forever family. This past year, we shifted from sharing only in November to year round. And the results and impact have been greater than we ever anticipated! You all are talking about, sharing, praying for, commenting on and opening your hearts in ways we could have only imagined. The sweetest part is children are connecting with forever families because of your support! Thank you so much! Please please continue! We need you. As long as you guys are willing to help…we are willing to do the due diligence. 

Please let me introduce you to Ashunte. She is 15 and lives in Alabama. She is described as smart and sweet, and a very talented artist who loves to draw. She advocates for herself and is persistent and determined! Ashunte works hard in school, is well liked by her peers, and loves helping others. Curious and eager to learn new things, Ashunte loves electronics and reading, and wants to be a teacher when she grows up! When asked what family means she said “kind and there when I need them to be.” Can you be that family for Ashunte? Can you be there for her? Please contact [email protected]