Forever Family Friday – De’Juan

Last week I posted Maribel. Man…you all got to chatting! This type of engagement is so needed. Lots of conversations and questions and input. This is wonderful! Yes we desperately want forever families for these kids BUT we value the dialogue, thoughts and suggestions! Please keep the conversations going on and off social media. Talk about these kids in your family discussions, in your groups, at the office, anywhere…just keep talking!!! This is a flawed system and anything we can do to help improve it is awesome! A few things I would like to remind you:

1. It costs nothing to adopt from foster care. Finances continue to be a topic and I can assure you the $30,000+ price tag adopting from foster care is just not true! If you find otherwise please DM me!

2. There is not an official age limit for foster parents or adoptive parents. People in their 70s have adopted children! If you have an open heart and can open your home… you are a candidate!

3. There are great organizations that help but we need more. If you have a heart for children and can’t adopt…considering becoming a CASA volunteer or plug into an organization that is making a difference. That is a great official first step to take.

4. Our foundation resources page has some great starting points.

Here’s someone who needs us! Please meet De’Juan from Arizona! He is an active and sociable 14 year old. In his free time, he likes to play sports, video games, and card games. He especially enjoys playing basketball and football. De’Juan loves sub sandwiches and one of his favorite restaurants is Subway. I need to work on that. De’Juan likes listening to music and likes to rap. When it comes to his personality, De’Juan can be entertaining, outgoing, and funny. De’Juan is a smart kid who enjoys learning new things. He says his favorite subject at school is recess because he gets to play football with his friends. De’Juan would thrive in a family that is loving and could help reinforce positive family dynamics in his life. Ideally, De’Juan’s forever family would be one that could provide him a safe, stable, structured environment with clear expectations. De’Juan wants potential adoptive families to know that he is an animal lover and cares for others. Wow! Sounds like a pretty amazing kid. For more information please contact Heather@[email protected]