Forever Family Friday – Jacob

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone. Look at this kid. OMG…That smile melts my heart. You know…There are two things that many of you continually ask me and that is questions about “the process” and “the cost“ of adoption from foster care.  I’m so happy that these kids don’t see the questions that I am asked. And the questions are not asked out of anything but a need for knowledge but these kids don’t need anymore uncertainty or insecurity. They need to be reminded they are so worth “the process” of adoption. And yes…it is a process BUT all these kids are worth the process. And as far as the cost… every single kid we post on Friday is far more valuable than any cost that would be associated with adopting them. We can not give up on these kids in foster care. Most of the kids have had enough disappointments, failures and setbacks to last them a life time. We have to remind them that they matter. We need to encourage and uplift them. We need to ensure that they understand that they are worth the process!  Please meet Jacob! He’s the one with the beautiful smile. He’s valuable and amazing and because of no fault of his is in foster care. 

Jacob is 16 and lives in Alabama. He is a very creative young man who loves to draw. He also enjoys video games and robotics. Jacob has been on a robotics team and often comes up with ideas for inventions! An ideal family he said would be one that loves each other and helps each other out. When asked about his greatest accomplishment he said graduating high school in 2 years! Can you be the family that can help him reach his goal and cross that finish line? If not please share this post with your friends and family. For more info please contact [email protected] at the Alabama Heart Gallery! Thank You ❤️