Forever Family Friday – Evan

I know everyone has a lot on their plates right now and I hate to keep piling on these request because good grief things in this world are crazy enough. I hate to even turn the TV on because it’s all so heartbreaking. But I need a tiny favor from you. I need you to just share this post with one person. That’s it…Look…I’m not asking you to cook a meal or pay a visit to anyone or make a donation or even make a call. I just need you to help me advocate for these kids. We need them to be seen. We need them to know they are deserving and worthy and valuable. The more we share the post.. the more people will see it and the better the opportunity for someone to look at one of the pictures and feel a tug at their heart. I pray someone looks at Evan’s picture this week and gets that feeling of wanting to support…to protect and to make Evan a part of their family. 

Evan is 14 years old and lives in Arizona. He is adventurous and curious and does not shy away from learning new things! He enjoys being active and playing basketball, and loves to learn. Evan enjoys going to the park, playing sports and paintball. Evan’s adventurous side makes him fearless and curious about trying foods from all different cultures. His favorites are sushi, barbecue and Mexican foods. He would like to visit Mongolian Grill for a special occasion. He has a particular interest in Drama class. Evan would benefit from a family that provides unconditional love and boundaries. Every child deserves unconditional love. Can you provide that for Evan? Please share Evan with someone you know! He needs all of us to advocate for him! 

For questions and additional information on Evan please contact Heather at [email protected].