Forever Family Friday – Amara

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday Christmas edition! WOW! The support you have shown over the year commenting, posting, sharing and praying for these kids has been huge. And now I’m asking one more thing….to help make their Christmas a little brighter. We have dozens of kids on our website with wish lists. Kids who will not get any other gifts. Socks and hoodies. Candy. Wow. Older kids asking for towels and kitchen appliances. Basics. Of course some want headphones, air pods and technology and you’ll see that on their lists too. We can all do something. So whether its clearing an entire list or purchasing a $10 item I hope you’ll join us! But most of all pray. That they feel valued. And loved. And that they one day have their forever family. Please meet Amara.

Amara is 12 and lives in Alabama. You may remember Theodore and Keegan who we shared a few weeks ago. Now I would like you to meet their sister. She is an outgoing, talkative and extremely intelligent girl with a great personality. She loves to read, sing, play the violin and the piano. She enjoys swimming, art, walks and playing with animals. She is very mature for her age and loves all things “science” and would like to be a scientist when she grows up….or a singer, or a nurse! One day she would like to travel to Hawaii as she loves the beach and the water. When asked what she would like for a gift, she said “A family. Any kind of family. I’m ready to find a home.”

Amara will do best with a mother who is very patient and can provide her with unconditional love and one on one attention. Can you be that person for Amara? Please contact [email protected] for more information. Thank you!