Forever Family Friday – Aron

Sing this song with me… “Jesus loves the little children… all the children of the world…red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Most of us sang that song growing up or sing it to our grandchildren now. And these little children of the world…these foster children are precious in His sight and should be in ours as well. They deserve to be loved and feel safe. These little ones are collectively our responsibility! That means everyone, not just someone else, but me and you. We are responsible to nurture and provide for them. Let me introduce you to a young man that needs our support and advocacy.

Aron is 13 years old and lives in Alabama. He enjoys football and baseball. He loves swimming and hopes to go to Hawaii one day! He wants to live on a farm, be adventurous, and learn new things with a family. Aron has a nurturing heart and often wants to be a caregiver for others. That’s the epitome of kindness. For more information on Aron please contact [email protected]

Click here for Aron’s video!