Forever Family Friday – Deangela

Happy Good Friday…Happy Forever Family Friday and Happy Easter Weekend! That’s a bunch of happy in one sentence. I love Easter and all that it represents. It is a time to celebrate the hope we have. Hope from the resurrection that you can have life from death. Comfort that such beauty can come from heartbreak and tragedy. Because of Easter we can be assured of our future. I am forever grateful for what Jesus did for me and I pray the kids who don’t have a forever family know there is hope. I pray that they know they are loved and valued and their stories can have a beautiful ending. Please allow me to introduce you to Deangela. She deserves a #ForeverFamily and all that comes with it from the fun frenzied egg hunts to a house full of family and friends celebrating their Easter traditions and the resurrection!

Deangela is 14 years old and lives in Arizona. She thrives being in an environment with activities that keep her busy, especially sports. In her downtime she likes to read, listen to music and watch tv. McDonalds, Cold Stone and Barros Pizza are her favorite places to go out to eat. Deangela would benefit from an active and structured family. Routine is important and she likes to have attention. Being a part of family activities helps Deangela to feel included. Can you be that family for Deangela? Any help would be greatly appreciated. And have a blessed Easter! ✝️❤️🐑🕊️💐🐣

For more information please contact Heather at [email protected]