Forever Family Friday – Anthony

It is very typical to hear people talking about adopting a child out of foster care and they say something like, “I just feel more comfortable taking a younger child in than a teen.” And I somewhat understand that with the fear of the unknown and all the risk issues that are running through their minds. BUT…More than 30% of the kids who enter foster care are teens! We just can’t stand by and let these kids go unseen and be pushed to the side. We have to show up for these kids. We have to let them know they are wanted and valuable. Get out of your comfort zone. They are worth it. The clock is ticking for so many of them that are close to aging out and yet they still long for their forever family. Here’s a prime example of exactly what I’m talking about. 

Please allow me to introduce you to Anthony! He is 17 years old and lives in Arizona.  Anthony has an infectious spirit and always has a big smile on his face. He loves all sports but his favorite is football. When he’s not scoring touchdowns on the field Anthony is tinkering with computers. He likes to work on them and figure out how they operate plus create things with them. Anthony loves to laugh and enjoys telling jokes or a good tall tale. An active family that can make him feel loved, plus provide the structure and routine to help him thrive, is ideal.

Is your family active with structure and routine? Do you have space in your heart and home for Anthony? Do you know a family that could? Please share Anthony on your social media. For information on Anthony please contact [email protected] Thank you! ❤️