Forever Family Friday – Noah

The following statement I can say with absolute certainty… if you shy away from something because you are afraid of the risk…then you will also miss out on the benefits. … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Ivan

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone! I just wanted to a minute to remind you guys that we can all make a difference in the lives of the kids we post each Friday. … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Sierra

Have you ever thought something was just so overwhelming or daunting that you just gave up on finding the solution or answer before you ever put any real thought or … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Joshua

Happy Forever Family Friday everyone. We have officially kicked off summer and we are getting ready to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend and will then roll right into celebrating Independence … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Kelvin

Approximately 24,000 American teenagers in foster care turn 18 years old each year. What a staggering number. Then…at this ripe old age of 18… they are expected to move out … Read More