Forever Family Friday – Brandon

As you know, May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. We want to continue to spread the message that there are 420,000 plus children in need of their forever family. … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Katedra

“Aging Out”…those two words truly break my heart. Those two words basically mean that sooner than later a kid in foster care will be on their own. They will suddenly … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Jason

Happy Good Friday everyone! Hard to believe it’s Easter weekend. Where does time go? This is probably my favorite holiday. To me Easter is the foundation of Christianity. The resurrection … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Tyquan

Happy Friday everyone! And happy April 1st! You know…I sat down with every intent to write my #ForeverFamilyFriday post about April Fool’s but as I started typing the words and … Read More

Forever Family Friday – McKaya

Provide care and love…Create a stable environment…Build up their self confidence…Spend quality time with them…Share morals, values and have conversations about making good choices…Help them make tough decisions…Help with money … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Evan

I know everyone has a lot on their plates right now and I hate to keep piling on these request because good grief things in this world are crazy enough. … Read More

Forever Family Friday – Haley

Almost one third of the youth who “age out” of foster care become homeless. This is not the first time we’ve discussed this. Homeless…most of us can’t even relate to … Read More