Adoption and Foster Care Resources:

1: Adopt US Kids –Click your state for specific info.

2: CCAI – What is a home study?

A home study is a written evaluation of each potential adoptive family prior to the placement of a child in the home.
The home study process is designed to:

    • prepare you for the adoption of a child
    • evaluate and recommend/approve your family for adoption of a child/children
    • and meet state, immigration and country requirements

3: Dave Thomas Foundation – step by step guide to adoption

4: Heart Gallery America – what is involved in Foster Care Adoption

5: America’s Kids Belong – click on “States” to get details on your particular state.

Each Friday we share a child in need of their forever family! We’d love you to journey along with us! Thank you to the hundreds of people that supplied Christmas gifts for these very children we have shared. Over 550 gifts were purchased and many Christmas mornings were a bit brighter because of YOUR generosity!

There are an estimated 424,000+ children in “the system” and 124,000 of them are ready to go today – as in paper work is complete and CSI need someone to say YES! Please ponder over each picture. Pray for each child. Pray for someone to open their heart and their home. I wish this country would take a timeout and really focus on these kids.

It is my hope that you will follow along with us…that you will truly have a passion to make a difference in the lives of these children, share them with you co-workers, neighbors, family members, consider these children for YOUR home, and of course please repost and share on your social media.

Maybe you’ve never considered adoption and this will get your mind thinking. We need participation on all levels! Everything matters. You never know who sees what or hears what that could be the difference maker for one of these kids.

We are counting on you to be a part of team Tuohy!