Track shoes and High Heels

When you have one of those weeks where you needed track shoes instead of high heels, you know it was a busy week! We are all guilty of overloading our … Read More

Carry your own Sunshine

Even though skies might be gray and things may not seem bright, carry your own sunshine with you! Bring your own smile! Bring your light!

Summer Winds Down

Summer has wound down and we loved traveling the US and seeing many things on our family bucket list! The National Parks were all amazing and such treasurers. We were … Read More

Carve out time

Life passes so quickly and we look up and think “where did the time go?” I’m trying so hard to carve out time to spend with the kids and grand … Read More

Travel and adventure

No matter how crazy life gets I’m blessed to have this guy by my side! It has been a week packed with traveling, touring new places, meeting new people, catching … Read More

Life after Loss

Dear God thank you for this beautiful blessing. Sweet Girl…you’ve put a twinkle back in my eye and joy in my heart because you are hope and a new beginning. … Read More


It was one of those weeks that I was constantly saying, “I’m just so busy… I have so much to do.” This picture was one of the many things on … Read More

Traveling West

Traveling the western US with Sean this week was wonderful. I was awe struck by God’s creations and that age us the greatest artist ever. Traveling all the roads reminded … Read More


A road trip with Sean is always filled with giggles and smiles and being silly. As long as he gets 3 square meals a day and a remote control he’s … Read More